November Visiting Teaching

During the month of November we are encouraged to share a talk from General Conference with the sisters we visit teach as such I created 3 different tags for 3 different talks that can be printed off and put on a treat or just tied around a copy of the talk.

The first talk that I created a tag for is this talk by Elder Jose L. Alonso

PDF Copy: Doing the Right Thing Tag PDF

The second talk is this talk by Elder Carl B. Cook

PDF Copy:It Is Better to Look Up PDF

The third talk is this talk by Elder J. Devin Cornish

PDF Copy: The Privilege of Prayer PDF

Hope you enjoy them!


2 thoughts on “November Visiting Teaching

  1. Great ideas and totally cute!
    Thanks so much for sharing these tags/quotes.
    Would you mind sharing what fonts you used on the Elder Cornish quote and the Elder Alonso quote?


    • I don’t remember what th exact font is as the files have been flattened but I get all my fonts from and these are all from the handwritten section under script. If you are wanting something specific designed with these fonts let me know and I would be happy to help.

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