Some Thoughts About the Future

I don’t have many strongly worded opinions nor do I really want to, I avoid the very thought of confrontation if at all possible. But I do want to say something about the current situation of life that I see myself surrounded by.

Growing up I had a plan, I took college classes and business classes in high school. My entire senior year was spent in preparation for the business management degree I was headed for in college. I’m glad I have those skills and those smarts but I never did get that degree, after leaving home I found my heart just wasn’t in it. I was young and I thought I knew everything I had big plans to make the world better. I vaguely recall it having something to do with moving to Costa Rica. But all that is behind me now. But not the desire to want to leave something behind that makes people look back on the time that I was around with fondness. My personal vision statement for as long as I can remember is a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson called “Success”:

To laugh often and much
to win the respect of intelligent people
and affection of children; to earn the
appreciation of honest critics and
endure the betrayal of false friends;
to appreciate beauty, to find the best
in others; to leave the world a bit
better, whether by a healthy child
a garden patch or redeemed
social condition; to know even
one life has breathed easier because
you have lived. This is to have

This truly speaks to me as the kind of success I hope for in life. I want to live a simple meaningful life that I can look back on at the end of my days and say “that was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined” . I think this is really what we all want from life is to be able to look back and feel successful.


One thought on “Some Thoughts About the Future

  1. Suze! Emerson is one of my favorites- and I have also loved that poem. He has a longer essay about a similar topic that’s worth a read too. I’ll have to look up the name. Luv you

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