Sick Day

So today I am just laying in bed which would usually be pretty awesome except that I feel kind of stuck here. I’ve been told to stay in bed and rest all day to recover from the kidney infection I have. It’s kinda my fault because i put off going to the doctor for a couple of days because they usually just tell me to drink plenty of cranberry juice but last night when we went to the urgent care at 10pm the doctor told me i definitely have a UTI and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and hey guess what it’s apparently been 7 years since I was on an antibiotic so I guess that’s a good thing. As for the reason I haven’t posted the October Visiting Teaching Message yet, well it’s kind of all a mess. First my computer crashed and I thought I was going to have to buy a new one and I was totally bummed. But then my hubby who is going to school for network administration suggested we try putting a version of linux on my computer. We finally got that done about a week ago but I am still learning how to use GIMP it is not super different from photoshop it is just a matter of learning the little nuances so hopefully I’ll have that up later today. Thanks for stopping by.


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