The 1st Reason I love fall!

As I mentioned in my previous post one of the top reasons I love fall is flannel sheets. Honestly they are so warm and cozy and soft it’s one of the best feelings and I feel like the only time you can really have them on your bed is fall and winter. I’m definitely not a fan of winter so that leaves fall.

On a side note, today is my first appointment with the doctor at MD Diet I am going to be getting B vitamin shots to help boost my weight loss. I feel like it’s important for me to become healthier at this point in my life before I feel like I’m too old to change the way I’ve lived my life. My number one downfalls thus far have been oreos and soda pop. But over the past 5 days since I’ve started I have lost approximately 3-5 pounds so for that I am very grateful.

More on why I love fall tomorrow I am going to go find some protein to eat and then head off to the doctor’s.


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