Math Fail

Lately I have been thinking about the decline of a quality education. It is pretty disheartening to think about I don’t really know the statistics or anything like that but it is more than a little scary to think about raising a child in a world where people can’t or don’t know how to count currency or do simple division like 150 divided by two.
That’s not the only reason it’s scary to think about bringing a child into this world though. We live in an incredibly corrupt world a world almost completely devoid of the values that I would love to instill in my future children. I think back to my young womens’ values and I wonder if I see these values in society today and the answer is no. I don’t want to raise my children in a bubble but I seriously wonder how do you teach and have your children take to heart those things when all they see around them is the opposite.
Scary, scary world.


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