As may be obvious to anyone who actually reads my blog, I am not very good at blogging every day, suffice it say that on my part the 10 days 10 things I love about autumn front I didn’t do a very good job. The point is I really really like fall and am really […]

Young Womens Values

So after my post I started looking around on the web at some of the things available with the young womens values on them and I go inspired and made my own: Tah Dah! And here is a pdf download at the original size for you to print out! young women subway art

Math Fail

Lately I have been thinking about the decline of a quality education. It is pretty disheartening to think about I don’t really know the statistics or anything like that but it is more than a little scary to think about raising a child in a world where people can’t or don’t know how to count […]