Too much rain and not enough rainbows!

It has been rainy, rainy, rainy here and while I am so grateful that the world didn’t end and that I’m not experiencing the aftermath of tornadoes, I still wish there was enough sun coming out between storms to see a rainbow or two.

My couponing deal of the week is I am trying to get Listerine, razors and pain cream for free.
Last week we did really well and bought food for the 2 of us for $70 from Macey’s. I guess I should probably start taking pictures but anywho we got tortillas, soup, cereal milk, potatoes, salad dressing, shampoo and conditioner and even enchilada sauce. I know it’s not quite extreme couponing but this is down from us previously spending close to $150 a week on groceries, I know this sounds apalling but I never really learned how to budget a grocery list. Ya I learned how to make a budget and make a grocery list but until recently I never realized the importance of combining the 2 and making a grocery list that fits your budget. So now I’m doing better, now I actually know how much a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread costs. TOO MUCH!!!


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