Father’s Day

We just finished ordering cards for Father’s Day on Shutterfly and they turned out amazing.

5×7 Folded Card
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March 2013 Visiting Teaching Message

It has been almost a year since I have made a visiting teaching handout, in that time a lot has happened.

I got pregnant, after a miscarriage and two years of waiting.

Moved to a new apartment.

Got diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, learn more about HG .

Lost 30 pounds in my first trimester.

Had a consult for a feeding tube, which thank heavens I did not have to get.

Had my gall bladder removed.

Got in a car accident at 31 weeks pregnant.

Started to develop pre-eclampsia.

Finally, delivered my baby at 37 weeks 6 days.

Struggled through my sweetheart having jaundice, and the awesome mommy blues.

Fought through RSV and earaches.

And now finally I feel like I have the energy and time to start designing again. I really love designing the visiting teaching newsletters and hope you enjoy using them just as much.

I was really touched by this month’s message of helping to activate the less active. I have struggled with church activity most of my adult life. Whenever one of the sweet sisters assigned to visit teach me goes out of her way to come visit me even though she’s never seen me at church, it always touches my heart and makes me want to try harder to wake up at 9 am with a newborn and get everyone ready to go to church.

So please take your calling to visit your sisters seriously you never know when you will touch someone’s heart and not just their front door.

Without further ado, here is the newsletter and cute tag for you to give the sisters you visit!
march tag
March Tag PDF Format

March Newsletter PDF Format

To Teach Her Love

As a food lover and a female, I have had a complex about my body from the time that I hit puberty and my body turned from the kickball playing, fastest runner in the class; to the soft, sturdy body of someone who could not run a mile in less than 22 minutes.

Because of this I take issue with other women, calling my baby “chunky”. Now I know 3 months old is much too young for her to start forming an opinion of her body but if it starts now, when will it end, if she stays ahead of the curve in her growth pattern will they keep calling her chunky, or will they say things like you’ve been big ever since you were a baby, you were in 9 month clothes at 4 months old.

I guess all in all what I am saying is I don’t want my daughter to travel my path, I don’t want her to hate her body for the things it can’t do like fit in to size 2 jeans and run a mile without stopping. I want her to love her body for the things it can do, like hike for miles with her steady endurance and open jars that even her daddy can’t open.

I want her self-esteem bucket to be so full that she never worries about whether she could have been a model if she had stayed anorexic or if she could have run a marathon if she had just tried a little harder. I want her to realize that everyone’s body is different and special in it’s own way, and every time I see her round little cheeks and her big blue eyes,I just wish I could imbue her with a little of the love that I have for her. So that when the mean girls strike, as I know they will, that she will be able to look at herself and say, I am wonderful and beautiful and strong and what they think does not matter to me. And if she becomes a size 2 model, I want her to have enough love inside of her that she does not look at other girls and make derisive comments about their size, weight, shape or height.

I think that is all I can really do is teach her to love, to love herself and others, so that when the hammer falls she can be kind and gentle no matter her shape and help and lift up those around her.

February Visiting Teaching Message – Guardians of the Hearth

Here is the February Visiting Teaching Message.

Also Here is the PDF:
February Visiting Teaching PDF

I also created a valentines card:
Here is a PDF with 4 cards per sheet.

All papers used are from the Shabby Princess seasonal sampler found here:

Font used is Cinnamon Cake found on dafont.com

Thanks! Suzy

January Visiting Teaching Message

Sorry this is a little late I have been working two jobs through the holidays so I have just been working on this here and there. Please let me know if you download and what you would like to see next month.

January Visiting Teaching Message

Also this month rather than tags I created a candy bar wrapper that matches the message.
relief society candy bar wrapper

December Visiting Teaching Message

Here is the December Visiting Teaching Message:

December Visiting Teaching Message PDF

I also made a tag this month because they seemed so popular last month:

december visiting teaching tag page

Update: I got bored and decided to make another message and tag so it’s your lucky month. If you could please leave a comment if you download the message or tag and just let me know which one you like better. Thanks.